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Athletic Edge has been named one of the premiere sports therapy groups in California. Since 2002, we have been advancing the application of soft tissue manipulation and manual therapy to compliment the treatment and training plans of coaches, athletic trainers, and orthopedic doctors from all over the west coast. In working closely with trainers and doctors, we have been able to help healthy and injured athletes reach their full potential.  We understand as athletes and sports-minded people the impact that each chosen sport or profession has on the body, and the needs associated with optimal performance. Athletic Edge utilizes research and clinical services to educate athletes and active individuals of all ages, while supporting each individual to function at their maximum potential. We are committed to the advancement of athletic performance by developing, testing, and making advanced therapies available to all athletes. Through the experiences we possess, we have see how specific therapies can benefit the recovery of athletic and occupational injuries, while assisting in the prevention of future injuries and enhanced performance.
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