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    If you would like to be on our waiting list for appointments that may become available, please let us know by using this option. In the "Notes," please include the type of service that you would like to book, the amount of time that you would like (i.e. 60 minutes, 90 minutes, etc.), if you have a specific time(s) that works best with your schedule, and how much notice you will need to be able to make the appointment. If we have an appointment become available with the days/times that work for you, we will let you know as soon as possible. Please note, you will receive an automatically generated confirmation e-mail, this is not confirming that you have an appointment, just confirming that you have been put on the waiting list for your specified day and time. If we have anything open up, we will contact you immediately to see if it works with your schedule (you will not automatically be booked).
  • Biomechanical & Postural Assessment

    At Athletic Edge we provide baseline, and post-injury biomechanical and postural assessments to aid in the prevention of orthopedic injuries, and aid in return-to-play decision making after an injury has occurred. Athletic Edge wholeheartedly believes that non-contact injuries are one hundred percent preventable, and we strive to put an end to preventable injuries from affecting or stopping participation at all levels of sports.
    • Initial Postural Assessment $165
      Our biomechanical and postural assessments consist of multiple phases, which include examining how your body moves and functions at your baseline. Our therapists also observe for any abnormalities and if your body is compensating. Athletic Edge aims to discover and treat any underlying causes. How many times has chronic injuries kept a key athlete on the sidelines possibly resulting in the teams performance decreasing from their full potential? There is a good chance that many of these times are caused by faulty posture. Proper posture is a cornerstone of optimal performance for all athletes.

      The staff at Athletic Edge believes that before any substantial strengthening occurs, it is essential to identify and correct every faulty movement pattern that an athlete presents. The system designed by the therapists here is intended to identify any movement patterns that could cause injury. After the initial assessment is preformed and our staff identified the areas that are at risk, or need improvements we develop a treatment plan. Our therapists not only develop plans for individual athletes which includes; tools needed to increase strength in affected regions, exercise programming, and personal follow-ups with our staff, but they also develop plans for teams as well. The plans for teams include everything that is provided to individuals along with data that athletic trainers and strength coaches can utilize to correct biomechanical imbalances during training sessions.
    • Postural Assessment Session $145
    • Online Postural Photo Assessment $120
      Have you ever had a biomechanical or postural assessment? Postural assessments look at your static posture to see if there are any imbalances that could cause or are causing pain and discomfort. We will do an assessment similar, but more in depth to the ones that we have pictured of the elite athletes on our website. You will be asked to e-mail us 4 pictures of your posture: front, back, left and right sides (standing barefoot, knees clearly visible, no shirt for men, and sports bra/tank top tucked in for women). 
    • Skype/Messenger Postural Session $120
      Online Skype Session designed for our elite athletes with continuous travel schedules, but can also be to help on-going clients while they are away. Assessment and treatment can be done for: 
      - Your posture and movement capabilities
      - Continuing rehabilitation of old and current injuries
  • Sleep Science Consultation

    Studies show sleep can impact everything from mental focus to energy and recovery. This is because athletes do not get fitter on the training field. Training merely provides the body with necessary stimulus. It's the period athletes spend sleeping when the body recovers and adapts, becoming faster and stronger. We offer personal sleep consultations that will redefine you approach to recovery and help you maximize your performance. 
    • Personal Sleep Consultation $120
      We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire, which we will evaluate to make a full assessment and identify any techniques that will help improve your current mental and physical recovery approach. You will then have a personal one-on-one consultation, where we will walk you through all the practical and achievable ways you can improve your current recovery approach and ask any further questions, over approximately 30-45 minutes. By phone, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or other similar platforms. 
    • Elite Recovery Consultation $250
      A personal 30 day, one-on-one consultation. Includes an in-depth profile assessment, two consultation calls and a unique program leading you to become your own personal sleep coach for the future. Discover sleep recovery indicators, redefine current routines and adopt practical and achievable techniques, used and trusted by elite athletes, teams, and organizations worldwide. 
  • Sports Performance Consultation

    • Sports Performance Coaching Initial Meeting $199
      Developing your mental skills equips you with the tools needed to break through barriers that limit performance, helps athletes perform at their full potential, and achieve their performance goals. Mental training fosters the ability to “tune out” the worries of the sport and encourages the athlete to focus on playing the game and performing at their best. 

      Let Athletic Edge help you develop your mental game.
    • Sports Performance Coaching Package Appt
      Bought as part of the Sports Performance Packages. 

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